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2005-01-24 16:47:41 (UTC)

The Bitch That Is Miss O'Reilly!!!

Fucking Whore! i hate her! i just remembered this btw! lol
Miss O'Reilly is a bitch that teaches Geography... i don't
even do Geography, but thats not the point, i still hate her!
I was lining up to get my bus in school earlier, but i
turned up last, and went and stood with my mate dean... she
then came up to me and told me to go to the back of the line
for some reason?! even though the back was only four people
away... (teachers think in strange ways) then... she told me
that i had an attitude problem, which i promptly corrected
her on, insisting that she was the one that should sort
herself out before she goes accusing other people of having
an attitude... anyways, we went out to actually get on the
bus... and she stopped me at the door, telling me that i
wasn't getting on till last (coz i'd moved up the que) i
then had a massive argument with her, telling her that i was
getting on the bus now, and that she should move her arm,
before i did. She then got reinforcements in the form of
three other teachers to move me away from the door, and
speak to me about my aggressive attitude towards members of
staff... this irritated me so i walked off and go on the bus
and went home... the end!!! lol just thought u should know!


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