You think you know, but you have no idea
2005-01-24 16:45:05 (UTC)

wow, a new diary....

i told jacques that i would make a new one, that i needed
a new one, but dont think he believed me. oh well. i
liked my old one better, but had to shut
down. assholes.

anyway on to better topics. um, i dont really have much
to write right now, so i guess it isnt really a "better
topic", is it?

you know what? fuck it. i do have a topic. i didnt
really want to mention this (or try to remember it, for
that matter), but i feel like i am about to lose it and
vomit or something. the guy sitting next to me....his
name is chris. freshman. brawley. band. snare drum.
light skinned. georgian. one night i was at a get-
together with him and princess and nikki, amongst others.
everyone got either extremely tipsy or downright drunk.
(i claim the latter.) i was blacking out that night.
tell me why i woke up on some miscellaneous bed, him
beside me, with my booty sore.

okay. i dont want to even discuss this subject again.

thank you for shopping at walmart.