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2005-01-24 16:42:24 (UTC)

Oh how very boring!


Well today was very boring... went to school, and it was SO
cold!!! it partially snowed, but it was crap, since it
didn't settle! i mean, whats the point in it snowing if it
just melts, gets extremely cold, and makes the ground all
oh i dunno...
anyways, at about 12pm me and Iona decided that we were
bored of school, and were going to go home... well back to
her house anyway... so we left, and got back to hers, and
drunk Gin and Orange juice! lol it was great fun! but then i
had to go back to school, coz i promised my form tutor i would!
I got back just in time for the start of another pointless
assembly, but decided not to go, and that going round to the
youth club and having a fag would be more educational! lol
so i did, then went and sat on a computer in form, waiting
for everyone else to get back!
then i had Maths, which as usual was crap... i just sat at
the back of the room listening to music, and talking to
richard on the phone! lol he's not very happy today... but i
won't go into that.
Oh yeah, i decided that i should really do some work incase
the teacher came over, so i wrote a whole page about
Potatos! lol it was very interesting! lol
Now i'm at home, and very tired for some reason.... i'm
gonna have dinner soon, and then go back over to ionas! lol
I miss Richard today though. I called him to see how he was
doin, and was gonna go see him, but turns out he was gonna
go home anyway, so i'll go see him 2moro...

Don't know what else to say... tlk 2 u later! x