YK's Feeling Trips
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2005-01-24 14:55:55 (UTC)

Avril Lavigne will come to HK?!

Oh~ that's reallly great!
I've to buy ticket of her mini concert, it's quite
expensive and I need to borrow $$ from my mother"
She was angry about this because I have to take the HKCEE
this year. This is an important exam for HK's student, my
parents told me to take the exam carefully. But......I
think I did not have the ability of studying those boring
subjects!It's harsh and difficult~

I have a big interest of baking cakes~actually, I like
cooking~I have been dreaming of operate a cafe, this will
be nice if my dream came true! Everyone wants their dreams
come true , behind this, we have to pay a hard strive.Hey,
will you support me?!

Here is my one of my favourite song: Naked

"I wake up in the morning
put on my face
THe one that's gonna get me
through another day
Doesn't really mattee
How I feel inside
This life is like a game sometimes

Then you came around me
the walls just dissupeared
Nothing to surrund me
Keepme from my fears
I'm unprotected
see how I've opened up
You've made me trust

I've never felt like this before
I'm naked around you
Does it show
you see right though me
And I can't hide
I'm naked around you
And it feels so right
Trying to remember
why I was afraid
To be myself
And let the cobers fall away
Guess I never had
someone like you
To help me fit
In my skin"

Foo~My hands gonna maimed!!