Silk Masks
2005-01-24 06:56:27 (UTC)

after kung-fu

The day is over, thank god for that. well except the fact
that it's monday tomorrow.

Anyhoo, Kung-fu was great. As soon as i got there i went to
the stones (a balancing thing) and made it to the second to
last one on my second try and then actually completed it
later. I was very please, it felt comfortable. Se-fu
(instuctor) came out and then Chad came. Se-fu was very
nice, i felt welcomed back. only the 3 of us were there, and
right now i am the only girl member. bleh. but it's okay. my
guy friends go to the class sometimes to. Actually a member
(the one who got in a car crash) is comming back! he's
eating his own words, but i wont get into that (or maybe
he's just eating my brothers). We did some hacky-sack which
i suck at so i'm going to try and find someone who will
teach or practice with me. we then did a 5 minute horse
stance, hah, like i did. I broke one of the clay pidgeons
(the little disks) and hurt until red. I had to throw 300
kicks. 100 front, 100 inside circle and 100 outside circle,
50 on each leg. it hurt so bad. and after i went all out on
stretching, i think i've done something to my leg.

We did a little sparing and went over forms i had done half
a year ago, and i remembered most of the first form and
basically all of the do pi crane. so happy.

My favorite part was candle snuffing. 3 candles. punch punch
punch. i can go into details about that but i'm sure any
readers wont be interested in much more of this. (but it's
really fun, especially if you can actually do it properlly
enough to be proud. not saying i'm awesome at it, but i
don't palm is out like many people. thats just like blowing
it out)

So after 4 hours of training, i am sore and satisfied. i
came home and made some rice, ate some food. then did
homework and watched some seinfeld (which i have never
really seen before). it is now 11 and i'm dead tired. much
more wimpier than i used to be, but hey, i would be if i
trained enough.

Back to school tomorrow. i really don't see why. i've been
slowly getting sick. maybe i'll be ill enough (i'll and ill
are so similar but have such different meanings) to just
stay home and study for math. i wouldn't mind.

Until tomorrow