Random (boring) Thoughts
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2005-01-24 04:25:07 (UTC)


The recent tsunami was a terrible tragedy. It killed over a
hundred thousand people, and ruined the lives of thousands

But you didn't need me to tell you that. Wherever you turn,
it seems, you are bombarded with tsunami related

You see, the tsunami has become this year's popular charity
case. Myriads of famous people want to help out with the
relief efforts (or, more accurately, they want to convince
YOU to help out, as they do nothing more than give 5
minutes of their time to film a TV commercial).

Perhaps it is a good cause, but there is no way that large
sums of money are necessary. We're forgetting that these
people were poor . . . ASS POOR! Half of them people lived
in cardboard boxes. It can't cost very much to replace

If the wave had wiped out Manhattan, I could understand why
it would be so expensive to rebuild. However, this is a
completely different part of the world. We could triple
their former standard of living, and it would still only
cost a few million bucks.

Forget sending boxes full of food and supplies: If we
really want to rebuild their lives, all we really need to
do is send them the empty cardboard boxes. . . .