I stab you with hot french fry!
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2005-01-24 04:06:33 (UTC)

So It Begins...

The start of the next semester is here. I intend to be more
social than I was last semester. I was stuck in the "new to
everything" mode. That and I was a bit too emotional about
Oh, that reminds me. I just learned that I'm beginning to
become snappy at Howard like I do when my mom says or does
something that gets to me. He's relentless when he's trying
to get a point across or get an answer to a question that's
clouding his mind.
I need to learn to be patient again. If I can be patient
with a stranger I should be able to be patient with Howard.
Also, my eyes and mind became once again clouded by tears
and thoughts of fear. I won't go crazy if I lose
Howard...but, it'll hurt...a lot...a lot a lot...
But, I'll just keep holding onto him as long as I can. He
means so much to me and I've gotten so close to
him. ::sigh::
I cry too much. Seriously I do. And lately the tears have
been coming about whenever its a topic concerning Howard.
What's interesting is that I haven't gotten sick at all
these past several months which is pretty lucky. With all
the crying I've done I could've sworn I was doomed to a
getting a cold like usual. But, miraculously I've been
well. But, now, I've prolly jinxed myself...and will get
sick soon....darn my mind! I THINK TOO MUCH! Lol...