Lala's Log
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2005-01-24 01:40:56 (UTC)


I'm so SICK! I can't breath. This sucks. I have both jobs
and a truck to unload tomorrow and I am not looking
forward to it at all. Abby and talked today. I think where
going to move into a little house with a nice little yard
for Hunnie ,the lab mix that me and Abby got together from
her grandma. Its so werid that we maybe living together. I
mean we have lived together for 7 plus months but for 5 of
that we where a couple. Things between us are actually
pretty cool right now and I would miss Hunnie and my cats
(I have three cats...I'm such a lezy LOL) because I was
going to move back home and Abby was going to move in with
Chris and Davy but that didn't work out at ALL. Chris
can't stay at a job for more than a minute I have worked
at my one job for 2 plus years and I've called in TWICE.
She has quit one job and is about to lose her other one
and she has only been there for about 2 months!?! To me
thats just crazy how hard is it to go to work. You wake up
get dressed do your thing come home go sleep and do it all
over again...So I just don't get how thats hard. I'm so
sick I can't breath and I'm so worried there going to send
me home when I go to work at the daycare tomorrow. Abby
and I went lunch and had a really nice time. Its weird how
close we are but not. I mean we know SO much about each
other...I know how to get her off, how to get her mad, the
look I can give that makes her melt. She also knows my
secrets the ones I don't tell past that I
can't run from. She has been with me through a hard ass
depression (that she was a trigger for) and we can still
be friends. She talks about her a girlfriend Olga and I
tell her about the chick I met that is not for me but that
I'm scared to just drop her because of what she might do
to herself. Note to those out there know a girls mental
state before go have sex with her!! Its cool how she can
really talk about Olga with me although she wants her to
live with us and I don't know if I can handle that. Chris
told Abby that I was jealous of Olga and I looked her in
eye and I said "I am not jealous of her." and I'm not like
I told Abby when she asked if I was over us and I said yes
that I was, that if I could I wouldn't go back to our
relationship just cause we have nothing in common. I hate
these cough drops I can't feel my tongue and my nose is
read a chaped. Ladies look out her I come! LOL Anyways
like I was saying I don't know if I could live with Olga
and Abby I know I'm over it and I have seen them make out
and pratically having sex and Abby thinks shes the one
which I don't believe at all. Sorry I believe they are in
true love I really do but I'm sorry the girl is in high
school and Abby is not the kind of person to be in a
relationship long term. I think that when they move and
live together and everyday life comes upon them they wont
make it. Is that mean?? I was putting ice on Abby's hand
and she was talking to Olga on the phone and I'm thinking
I'm here to pick up the pieces and Olga just gets to hear
about it! I don't know maybe I'm wrong I want Abby to
happy in a relationship and I wish I was but whats a girl
to do???? Anyway I think I'll read this other girls
journal for a little then put my clothes in the dryer.
Okay goodnight...

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