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2005-01-24 01:21:42 (UTC)

lil bit of love

ok so my last entry was a few months ago, actually like
four months ago! alot has changed and for the better. JP
and i are official. we just had our official one month
yesterday, yeah i know considering how long we have really
been together it seems a it ridiculous to be happy about
the one month thing but whatever. but i am pretty happy
with him i really am. and everyone loves him and is so
happy for me that i found someone good. which he is. he's
sweet, he's funny, we get along so good and oh my god is he
hot and he has such a good body!. no matter how much i look
at him i never stop thinking "god i want you" but yeah.
only a few lil quirks which will be the cause of us
breaking up down the road and i know it. one is danny. he
cares to much about her and not enough about me and trust
me he makes it more than obvious which when summer comes i
will not tolerate and will probably break up with him the
day she comes home just to keep me from getting hurt and
from having to put up with the shit i put up with over xmas
break. and yeah so not really multiple quirks just one and
it has a name and a face and no conscience. i means
eriously when i have a guy friend who gets a girlfriend i
undersand that i have to back off a little, it's only
right. but she doesnt get it and she doesnt care and i hate
her. and i hate him just as much for not caring. he doesnt
get it that i dont think he is cheating on me with her or
anything like that it is just that i am sick of him making
her his number one priority and not ever spending any time
with me when she is around. he wont even try to make time
for me. and it will not be tolerated. so pretty much its a
fling. i will break it off when summer comes which is sad
becuz i like him alot, i really do. he is everything that i
could ask for in a guy and more. he is one of the best
things that has ever happened to me and i am so lucky for
having met him. part of me loves him. and part of me knows
that i will have to let him go in a few months or it will
drive me insane and there is just no point in doing that to
myself. unfortunately. i know it seems pointless to keep
hima round now then but i just want to enjoy while i can.
but i move into my own place april 1st. and thats about it.
ok bye