Cleaning the Attic
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2005-01-24 01:15:55 (UTC)

Back in the Shadows

It's dusky in here, dark, with subtle shadows. Of course I
could turn on a light switch but the shadows suit my mind
tonight. I'm in a lazy mood, content to sit in the dark and
sip on a Dr. Pepper while the dogs sleep lazily at my feet.
I'm halfway between alertness and sleep and that's just
where I want to keep it for now.

I went to bed last night with a toothache and hadn't gotten
rid of it by morning. It's on the lower left jaw--a real
throbber. I finally resorted to the "two aspirin and call
me in the morning" routine and viola, it softened that hard
pain until it wasn't noticeable at all. And its stayed that
way for nary ten hours now. Who would have thought a couple
of aspirin could take the meanness right out of me.

Not that I'm mean. As a matter of fact, I try my hardest to
be a gentle soul, not taking delight in the misery of

Have I mentioned that I have a son in college? He just
started in January after a few years' hiatus after high
school. Funds have been a big problem as I can't help much
due to my disability. But he found a grant for which he
qualifies as well as a benefit through his employer which
is allowing him to realize his dream. I surely am proud of
my son. He has a gifted mind, and it's good he can explore
it once again.

That's it for tonight then. I'm going back in the shadows.
This computer light it too bright for me.

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