2005-01-23 23:40:29 (UTC)

im freakin bored yo!

well this is my first time using this diary. i found it
cuz i am bored out of my mind. theres no one to talk to
and i dont feel like doing homework or taking a shower even
tho i shud. but w/e. ill do it later. i dont wanna go to
school tommorrow and i do. i want to go to get out of my
house. i cant stand being here in my house. im suffocating.
see i dont get along very well with the ppl in my house. i
ahve no one to talk to. id rather be at friends house or
somthing. every day im always yelling and arguing with my
parents about everything. its ridiculos. one second were
fighting about me goin somewhere and then were fighting
about cleaning my room. like today we fought about me goin
to my neighbors matt nd mikes house then we fought about
cleaning the garage. w/e i only have to deal with them on
weekends. well thats enough of me yelling about my parents
im sure ull hear more,
love ya

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