Hate This & I'll Love You
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2005-01-23 22:52:31 (UTC)


im in such a good mood. i love every1. i want to kiss you
all!! mwah!
and dont you forget it!

oww i wish you could like put an emotion in a bottle and
save it for whenever. tht would be aaaacccceeeee!

saw nick n ian n dawn n jane. no wait il put tht in a
better order. i saw nick n jane. and i saw ian n dawn.
sound better? and awww nick and jane u guys looked
lovely :D but u better not forget me nick. im warning you.
who was there first? exactly.

potter. i love you. u stoned bastard you.

ooo just talkin to peter. aint seen him in like years.
nice to get in touch agen. long lost friend.

so all seems well. even tho nothin has changed. haha.
oh well just proves....erm....tht thing....yeh see!

cheers queers

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