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2005-01-23 22:45:42 (UTC)

7 - Who'd have guessed?

Heh, Amy is back with Adam and she is just soooo happy.
Wait, ecstatic was the word she used. Convenient it's
happening now that he's getting his own place, no? I'm
done for good this time. It hurts to let go but she won't
make me think that I'm worth anything less than what I
am. I started a letter to her, what I'd say to her if I
had the desire to speak to her again. I'll probably post
it and use it as my closure. A 'fuck you' would suffice,
I'm sure, but not nearly as much fun for me.

I'm still at Chris and Sara's. They've asked me to stay
so that they could make me dinner. I can't wait. It's
smellin so good.

I miss my work people. :(

I miss my Snookies. :(