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2005-01-23 21:57:20 (UTC)

thank god for music 3

well the gig on friday was fun, i didnt look too bad
i guess. and taking back sunday was good aswell, all my
friends "pulled" as it were. but i just went for, and
enjoyed the music, i was right at the front when taking
back sunday were on, they played alot better from when i
last saw them wich was great. i nearly cried when they did
the acoustic at the end adam is amazing and fred is also
cool too, it was nice cause he was looking at me when he
was singing the "ive got a bad feeling about this" line and
thats one of my fave songs by them. there was a girl behind
me crying cause she loved adam so much, i dont think it
should be about how good looking the band are, i like
taking back sunday cause of the bloody good music they
play, not what they look like.

it sucks, cause all the fun stuff is over now, its back to
school, i havnt got any gigs coming up for a while yet and
i look forward to them alot, hopefully i should be off to
see fall out boy soon, i saw them last year and they were
ace, i was so lucky cause i met pete, patrick and was
talking to joe for ages outside cause i weant early cause
im a stupid obsessive freak.

i found another cool band today on pure volume, "power
line breif" they are so good, the girl, rachel i think shes
called has the most georgous voice.

luke* decided to text me being all like "hey baby" but im
not gonna let him lead me on or whatever. i dont want to
hurt anymore. i dont need guys, i have music. but whats so
hard about letting luke go is that he is so much like me,
hes so passionate about the things i am, he believes all
the things i believe and looks at things the way i do. and
were both left handed, i mean, thats gotta say something.
but...if god intended us to be together, it would have
happend by now. so i guess i have just gotta let fait take
its course. but for now ive got muisic and my friends. but
i get annoyed sometimes, i jus hate the way everythings in
a type now, like "emo"s in fashion now. its a fashion! i
mean, for all i knew i was a geek and i liked slow whiney
music, now there are girls at school asking me were i got
my "save the cows" shirt from. i mean, whats that all
about? i guess, as everyhithing does, the fashion will go
away soon and ill left to just be me. then ill be getting
the "geek" comments again. but right now im being very
fashionable apparently. hmm i remember a few months back i
got laughed at for having my bag really high up my back,
now it seems like every ones doing it. things like that
piss me off so bad. but i guess, it will move on soon!

ive not really typed about anything today...ah well.
school tomorrow wich is annoying.