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Something Forgotton
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2005-01-23 21:50:19 (UTC)

Hmm.. Dont know a name for this one (haha)

January 23rd 2005

well today was actually an really good day for me
for some reason but YEY for that.!! The reasons I say that
is because me and my mom just got done talking about my
dad, Paul, and other stuff..It really helped actually to
get all that stuff out!! YEY!! (haha) my mom says im the
one of her 3 kids that is mos like my dad not his bad
qualities but the good side of him..which im glad its that
side andnot the abuisve bad :D she told me I shouldnt hate
him because it wasnt his fault when he did the things he I guess I wont hate him but I still wont ever
want anything to do with him or like him...
Last night was a good night to spend tons
of time with Sean I think we really needed it.. he makes
me feel better about myself and hopefully I do the same to
him (giggles) OoOo and how Zach has a beating
coming..tomorrow maybe he SOOOO told Sean my ticklish spot
haha that makes me smile and giggle really bad (lol) o
well its all good :D but yeah thats my o so great day so
far hahaha! so yeah LATER