gothic witch

gone with the sin
2005-01-23 20:50:54 (UTC)

every girl

i haven't written in a while basically 'cuz i had no time,
with the horror called school starting and all duh :p but
before i begin i'd like to aknowlage that a good online
friend of mine jeanie left me a beutiful and honest feedback
- thanx hun, it was great to hear u say all that :) *hug*
anyhow, 2005 was shining soooo very brightly for me until
some pretty odd things started happening... they're not that
bad but they are weird lol.
ok, so, it's a typicall night out and i meet a dozen new
people as always. i also meet this guy, but i didn't talk to
him more then a glamorous total of 10mins. i saw him the
next day as well but didn't talk at all and the next thing i
know bell is telling me he asked her to ask me do i wanna
get with him! ok first of all i HATE that! for goodness sake
if u want something from me ask me urself! so i tell her
that she otta know better then asking me such a stupid
question and what not, and i said i'm not giving an answer!
i don't even know the guy it's extremly lame. so i thought
he'd figure to drop it but god knows how bell interpretated
my answer... so the next day me and bell went out a lil
earlier and we bump into willy and deryl! they were waving
some insence sticks or something and acting all insane. we
haven't seen them in ages and so decided to take them down
to the hard rock club to show them the place. unfortinatly
we couldn't get in 'cuz some band was preparing. and then
some pedofile started talking on and on how he likes
redheads and i ran off as nice and fast as i could lol! but
nevermind that, the crowd soon came about at the usual
places and we were all hanging out and suddenly bell
literally pulls me away. she tells me that guy is gonna
"talk to me" now. here's the deal with me: i never know do i
like someone or not till the very situation when something
is gonna happen, which in that case was now. i haven't
talked to that guy at all after those "glorious" 10mins and
i didn't really like him. at least not in that way. i
already saw the same ackward situation from last summer
happening all over again... do u know how horrible and lame
it feels when ur suposed to nicely refuse some1 after
dodging a kiss?! of course i panic and grab deryl and tell
him to shut up. " just follow me and don't ask anything
until we're out of the park, i'll pay u!" LMAO, i actually
did say exactly that just in serbian lol. so we get into the
city and i explain to him what happened. deryl is a good
friend of mine alltho i know him for a short while - he came
into our class about a month ago. i thought that, u know,
running off in the night alone with another guy would send
the other one the message, right? so me and daryl went to
grab a tea, bumped into nancy, had a nice chat with her and
eventually everyone else found us but i never talked to that
guy *phew*... well it was a "phew" until he txted me in
school sayin he loves me... hello, how can u love some u
don't know?! he knows my nickname and the year of my birth
and that's the grand total! and he loves me?! khm khm, i
think not... so i take a while to panic, and then deryl
started imitating me and willy stole my cell phone acting
like a total baby... then i got a nervous breakdown, kicked
willy a bit too hard and told them both to grow up and go to
hell, lol! i tend to go nuts when i get nervous/angry... so
anyway, during an "incredably interasting" geography class i
think up a really nice and friendly rejection msg and send
it all happy. but noooo, they never give up on time and he
kept asking why and going on with the whole " i love u "
deal and then i lost my patiants and told him to stop making
it worse and just accept my god damn answer! but the thing
had to get way more complecated of course. his best friend
is that "cute goth" i mentioned meeting in my vampire entry
and he told bell he sorta likes me and that would be all
great and dandy if his best friend would stop making a
scene!!!! now that guy i sorta like, dave, dropped the whole
idea 'cuz of his friend. which makes perfect sence but still
it suckes for me, now doesn't it?! and the guy txted me a
few times after my final pissed no txt. i cannot believe
he's not forgetting it... it's not like he knows me or loves
me, i just LOOK good to him which is just like nothing. i
could be a mass murdurer for all he knows! or worse - i
could bore him to death if we ever talk! jesus... this is so
stupid... BUT then daryl and willy finaly got handy and said
that guy told EVERY1 how he's gonna get with me. he's
probably now making desperate attempts to make me be with
him at least for a day so he doesn't wind up an idiot. well
sorry, i can't be with some1 i don't like. what, he thought
he was so irresistible he could get every girl without a
blink? well tough shit baby, i'm not every girl.