pregnant hormones or mean boyfriend?
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2005-01-23 20:40:17 (UTC)

where'd he go?

he left the house, was gone for about an hour...

when he got home, he went in the bedroom right away and
was on the telephone with an unknown person-to me.

when i asked him where he was, he told me that it was none
of my business.

i think he was out smoking...not a cigarette.

there always seems to be this 'bowl' in his car or his
person, that isn't ever his...that's what he tells me,
anyways. he's holding on to it for someone at work.

after the phone call early this afternoon, he was looking
at the lunch i made for my son and me, and wanted some. i
told him that i don't cook for him.

after that, he went straight to our bedroom and fell