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2005-01-23 20:14:24 (UTC)

SUN. 1/23/05

Just another Sunday afternoon. What can I tell you. Well----
I'ts been 3 days since I last saw Margurite. I miss her
so. She says I'm her best friend , I wish she would show
it. It's hard being around someone you love all the time
and then not see or hear from them in a while. I at least
got to see and talk to her when she was dating
I don't know what to do with myself today. I'm mad
at Jean so I won't go to the yard. Jeannie has been over
this morning. I've already jacked-off and now the house is
starting to fill up with
Things I'd like to do today----Find a good looking
girl to get nasty with. Like Tammy !

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