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2005-01-23 19:46:24 (UTC)

hug day

jan 23 12:30 am
i had so much fun hanging out with busty marsh n carter tonight....it
was just me n elena and the guys but it was fun. busty finally agreed
that i actually do have boobs....that makes me happy. me n marsh
walked outside in the snow (we r dorks) and so i put on carters
pants,sweatshirt,hat,and shoes.....so it looked like me n marsh were gay
walking down markhaven....how sweet.i finallly convinced the guys to
stop watching sports (i had my fill by watching the pathetic xaivier game
alll day) and we watched mean girls ( they hadnt seen it) it was fun
trying ot listen in on davids phone conversations......eating
cookies.....and getting about a bazillion hugs from marshall-they made
me feel special. but seriously i did get at least 15 ( i lost count)...he hugs
hard...my boobs hurt by the end of the night....

i think its awesome that those three crazy cats know more about me
than ppl that ive knows since elementry schoool

i love how elena knows everything baout me and i can talk to her about

and i love how matt forgot to call

15 days till my 15th b day!


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