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Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist...
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2005-01-23 19:17:11 (UTC)



I've decided to start a diary on here, because... errm...
everyone else has one! I don't know wheather i'll stick to
it or not, but the point is, i'm writing in it at the mo...
I'd also like to have a record of everything i do, from
now onwards...
Well, anyways... My name is James, i'm 16, i live in Essex
(in England, for all you forign people! lol) Errrm... i
don't really know what i like doing... probably just
hangin out with people an drinkin etc. lol *sips vodka and
Errrm... i have a boyfriend (yes i'm gay) called
Richard... he's 18, and he's lovely! lol...
All of his mates are great! and they're really nice to be
around! Its actually exactly a month since he asked me out
whilst slumped against a wall in colchester, just down the
road from Octopus... (kinda gothy clothes shop)
We arrived there at about 1pm, and promptly began to
drink, and we left at 5:30pm, very drunk! lol (this isn't
just me and richard, but the whole gang of us... probably
about 10 people, and then there were the three girls that
work in the shop! they're lovely! lol
Anyways, yeah its bin a month! doesn't seem like it, but
Errrm... what else to talk about...
Oh! One of my best mates Iona has a diary on here... so
i'll stick a link on for all of you to look at (i don't
know who i mean by "all of you" but whatever)
As you'll probably be able to tell, she's got some issues,
but havn't we all!?!
Rite... well i think thats it for this entry... i'll do
another one in a min! lol i don't want this one to be too
So good luck! and go FORTH into the land of... errrm..

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