roni vohs

crying MY regrets
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2005-01-23 18:53:37 (UTC)


well i want to start out and say sry that i didnt write in
here for a couple days...haha...just been busy with finals
and to do good on that shit so i can pass...well
anyways u didnt miss out on anything special..cuz my life
isnt that special hasnt been for 3 months
now...oh well what can i say...well anyways i had a
volleyball tournament at 3pm at the new sports arena in
anhiem....well right when i got to my tournament my closest
friend sunny called me to go with her to a fear before the
march of flames show...but i couldnt cuz i wasnt going to
be done in time with my tournament...i felt like i let her sry sunny...(i know u will still have a fun
time)...but when we hung up it was time for me to play my
first was going to play this team called rancho
vally and some girls from my high school team was on that
team so i couldnt lose...hhaha...but we took down in 2
games...hahha...but the next team we played was golden
state and we almost lost to them becuz they werent a good
team and we started to play like shit but we
won...hehhe...i was soo happy to see the my high school
coach lindsay come watch me...(thanks lindsay u made feel
like i had some support out there since non of my families
go) (((cryes)))...well anyways im not going to talk about
my others games but i will tell u is that we did take first
place...then i got home and layed down i didnt even take a
shower until this morning...and talked to sunny for an hour
and 20 mins before actually falling my weekend
started out fun...

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