The Diary of a Dead Girl..
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2005-01-23 18:22:58 (UTC)

What do they see in Him?

Well, I feel very abandoned.. very forgotten.. People seem
to be ditching me to attend church and whatnot. I don't
really understand why they do this.. I mean, I may sound
selfish and all.. but that is how I feel.. I stopped
attending church.. because I found no place there.
Everyone is leaving me.. I am left to talk to Austin who
only seems to want to talk to me for one reason.. and that
reason is to get information out of me as to what I have
done with Josh. I think he is trying to get me to tell him
that I love him.. when i don't anymore.. It may have
happenned once.. but it won't happen again.. I am
completely in love with Josh and I am never leaving him.
Especially not for Austin.

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