ii -had -enough

Geez - whAt a MeSs!
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2005-01-23 17:50:26 (UTC)


My life is boring, blah blah blah. I was kicked out of
school last year.. and now they have told me I can come
back, but I am afraid if I do.. I won't be able to do well
in the subjects and such. I guess I just have to see how it
works. Hopefully it will all go well. And uh.. Yeah, Liz is
wonderful.. She's great, I enjoy our time together and I
hope to see her soon when she gets back from D.C. I read
her last journal entry.. and it made me feel very happy
that she thinks so highly of me, and I make her feel
special. I love the way makes me feel as well, and I hope
our relationship lasts forever.

Goodbye. 3

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