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2005-01-23 17:32:57 (UTC)

Hm...^.^ Just thinking and writing, while the day beginz!

Hey everyone, howdy. It's 12:12 and I just woke up, well,
around 11:00-ish! Anyway, =] today is probably going to be
a boring, lazy, and relaxing hell of a day! I want to go
to Target with my mom to pick up maybe a magazine or two,
and beg her to buy me Snoop's newest cd! =[ He's so
awesome! I guess I'm going through that rap-liking
stage...and I hope I stay in this stage FOREVER!!! Rap is

like spicey food to the ears! It's juss so good. lol I
love Lil Jon and HIS Eastside Boyz, Pharell, Mario, well,
not that much...Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, the Ying Yang
Twins...and lots more. Yeah, I like a little bit of rock
too, and pop. Oh yeah! I'm sort of a music freak! I love

listening to music...it's awesome. Different emotions come
along with the music you're listening to, right? Anyway, I
really badly want to dig up some plans for me and my three
best friends over the weekend! Like, Rice said her rents
can have me over I after this coming up Friday (???) and
we can go shopping, go to a movie, and I can sleepover!
^.^ Rice is sooo cool!
welllll...hm! What to say? Well, nothing much really. I
guess I'll type more in here later tonight. More things
will probably happen. I'm such a couchpotaoe so I can
probably tell ya how fun it was sitting around and eating
oreos all day. ^.^ Anyway! Love u all!


P.S. Ludacris was performing with Simple Plan lastnight on
SNL! It was actually pretty cool I guess. The hottie was
rapping while Simple Plan was doing the backround music.
Rap and rock mixed. ^.^

~Gr! I wanna see the movie called "Hide And Seek"!
it look so good?!?!?!?!?!?!?~

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