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2005-01-23 17:08:44 (UTC)


The always prepared duo of Kal and Laur knew that a storm
was coming and went to rent movies. Renting movies would
be a standard activity for most people, but for us
something entertaining always happpens. This time the
standard catcalls from the ugliest men possible
accompanied being bumped into by a man with a huge
birthmark covering his entire face as he was rushing into
the adult section. Now I understand that men like to
watch porn, but I've never really understood why you would
bother to rent it. I'd think buying it would make much
more financial sense. I mean buy a few dvds and use them
over and over again...that is unless you guys actually
watch the porn for the fabulous story lines. In any event
we are standing in the checkout line when the man with the
massive birthmark reappears with his three
much porn does one guy need...especially when its for his
sole purposes?

Before I bash the porno freak too much I should make a
confession. I chose this movie for us to watch and forced
Kal to pay for it. As it turns out this movie that looked
pretty decent turned out to be somewhat of a soft porn.
The entire storyline focused around threesomes and having
as much sex as possible before you get married. Not
exactly my type of movie, but we watched it anyways and
got a good laugh out of it. Our night only got more
unusual as we played with balloons and wrote the alphabet
to compare how we each make the letters...we were
extremely bored.

The intial comparison of our handwriting led to a much
deeper analysis. The first day of school Kal and I showed
up with matching shoes, the same shower caddy, and had
both stopped at McDonalds before arriving at school. We
both have identical favorite foods lists. When arriving
at school this year we had purchased identical hampers,
trash cans, and picture frames. I called Kal over break
and she said she watched a movie 2 days ago...turns out I
had watched the same movie moments before calling. We
were on the phone one day and I told her to hold on so I
could itch my arm...she asked what arm and where...I told
her...she had an itch in the same spot. The most
recent "coincidence" occurred last night when we were
talking about dreams. Turns out we both had a dream about
ice cream the night before. And to prove to eachother
that we arent making this stuff up we often write it down
and then share to make sure no one is cheating. Im sure
some of this coincidences are because we live together and
spend so much time together...but some of them I can
honestly not explain. Some might give you the sentimental
crap about soulmates and fate...others hide any emotion
behind the notion that its not weird or rare at all. The
verdict is still out for me.