I'm Too Sexy for This Song
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2005-01-23 16:25:05 (UTC)

Yeah erm BOO!

I had one of these things but I totally forgot the
password so I said screw it. I'm so happy I don't have to
fucking use my mom's computer anymore. Got my new router.
Thing I hate is that my mom set it up in the dining room
while I was at tech. And it's probably going to be in here
for a long ass time because I'm fucking LaZy!
Listening to a fucking funny song called "Detachable
Penis" it's greaaaaaaat!
Didn't go to church because didn't feel like I could
get up. Hope Katelyn didn't stop by... Because I totally
forgot to call her and tell her I wasn't going.
Yeah erm.. Point of me keeping this diary is for typing
shit thats personal, because i know for a fact none of my
friends use this site, and yeah... All my friends are on LJ
or Xanga. BAH just realised it's fucking Sunday. I don't
want to go to school tomorrow.

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