not very interesting
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2005-01-23 16:19:57 (UTC)

weekend frustrations

Mmmm interesting weekend to say the least, Friday Gothic
Crush witch was nice, but not to many guests (only bout 90).
Yesterday 2 ska bands, really cool. Due to my "state" I quit
drinking and was sober both nights, kinda cool, I like it.
It's funny seeing everybody around you get drunk while you
yourself are dead sober.

Well I tried to get the cook-crew back on track by making
the concert-dates available before the meeting tomorrow, so
that we hopefully can get the shifts covered for this month
without the (ever present) gaps in it. Well that was some
time I wasted, they weren't to happy with it. I got into a
discussion with one of the cooks that said (and he was
talking for all of them or so he said)that I was trying to
"take over" the team and that ... who cares a whole lot of
BS. I am so fucking angry with them, sure he was drunk, but
I wasn't and I don't have to take that crap from him. He may
not like me "taking over' the team, but he sure as hell loves
the fact that I am (ultimately) responsible for whatever
happens in there. If something is not working or needs to be
brought to the attention of the management THEN I'm ok. when
I want to do some planning he's scared that that might take
away from his power.

He may get a big ol shock when I'm so fed up with him that I
fire him, he doesn't even know I have that power. And I
don't like to be forced down that road but he's not gonna
insult me anymore... I've had it with that pitiful excuse
for a human being.

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