YK's Feeling Trips
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2005-01-23 09:44:06 (UTC)

A New Start*

What's A New Start......
It means a new life, a new style and a new aim!
I've started it since yesterday, THANKS to my
friends:Joey & Janice
They help me so much!
We watched "Blade: Trinity", it's really excited!We bought
a tub of popcorn before we watch the film, it's large and
we cannot finish it at all so I brought it home. I consider
it's a present for me which given by my friends,I've taken
some photos for this lovely present!
Unfortunately, I cannot show the photos here, it's entirely

I went to Window Cafe which located in Kowloon Hotel ,I was
having a buffet lunch there.At first, I rushed to the
dessert bar and tasted a lot of cake* YummyYummy!!
After this,I ate some dim-sum, it's worse than the cakes
but not too bad.Okay!Are your saliva flowing out up now?
Hohoho~I was so happy!!

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