SinistR's Exploits
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2005-01-23 09:03:14 (UTC)

a Southern Belle

I met the Southern Belle on my journeys in the south. With
a long stay in Atlanta I met her while cooking at this
restaurant. I was a very energetic young man that played
even harder. A lot of waitresses flirted with me as I did
with them. Enjoying the young fast paced life of living on
my own for the first time 1000 miles away from home and
everyone I knew, I was living in Sin and enjoying every
minute of it. The flirting grew into playing. Playing grew
into hardcore sex. She was beautiful. 21 5’6” 125 lbs 36
D’s long curly brown hair and married. She was seeking a
separation from her husband that was overseas in the
military. We enjoyed a lot of time together and I got to
see what Atlanta had in store for me. I had her doing some
wild stuff! She was already into kink so it wasn’t hard.
Outdoors at the park on the swing set late at night or on
the hood of my Camaro on a dark country road. She gave me
the first blow job that curled my toes! Where ever and how
I wanted her, it was great but after 4 months it didn’t
work out and we went our own ways. I’m always the rebound
guy. It’s fun while it lasts……

Atlanta was a lot of fun. A lot of hot babes that were
straight freaks. Living my early years here and
enjoying “Hotlanta’s Finest” was a moment I’ll never forget!