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2005-01-23 07:27:03 (UTC)

i think im a bad influence on perople

well i think im a bad influence on people now. a lot of
people used to tell me that and i never really belived it
until like now.

well lets see
1:im constintly tring to get mike(chattan) to skip school,
drink, do something illagal for once.
2:i helpped a friend of mine steal a stop sign for her
3:i keep telling heather that she wont be able to quit
4:i got a friend of mine baked off her ass after she had
quitten for a long time.
5:im starting to get her to swear alot cause im always
6:i got brain to start up drinking again on new years
after he had been clean for a year.
7:i say i wont let my friends smoke when there not saposed
to and yet when they asked me to get them baked i turn
around and help them.
8:i play with my knife around little kids.
9:im a cronic alholic and i know it even if i try and
denigh it.
10:i keep trying to get jeff to get into a fight and woop
someones ass.
11:i keep trying to get rob to drink every time i get the
12:im highly depressed and love to fuck with animals,
easily amused people(i know your get a kick out of this),
knifes, explosices and little children.
13:im a cold hearted bastered(and you know its true)(it a
scropio thing)
14:ive converted 8 people to atheism and then switched my
religion to undiscided.
15:i think about the most improper things in the worst
palces(like dead babies in a hospital(stoner inside joke)).
16:im so easily confused that half time i end up confusing
other people.
17:im a violent person on the indie.

these are just some of the things that make me thing that
im a bad influence on people, and people's people. as
jason wonce said "if your not afrain of anything then be
me for a day,after that you will be". well this is usally
weat i write something disturbing or whatever. anyways im
going to work out and then go to bed.