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2005-01-23 05:11:38 (UTC)

for old times' sake

I love Kemal's blog... he's such a talented writer.
Selin's blog is amazing too... Both of them are really
good writer with a helluva knowledge... phew, how I envy

Maybe that's why I refused to create my own blog and stick
to this anonymous diary. My writings simply can't be
compared to theirs. I am always talking about myself and
my depression... while them? Reading their blogs is such a
joy to the brain. So, yup, til I can polish up my writing
skill at least up to one level below theirs, no blog for

I find myself talking to Katherine more often on MSN
lately... She goes online more often than last year. It's
quite surprising how similar we are. I thought that in we
are similar only in several areas but no, I was so wrong.
I was pleasantly surprised to know that she also has INFJ
type of personality and that both of us had linguistic
intelligence. I am glad we have gone through ups and downs
in our friendship and that we are still going strong until
now. That, I think, it's the greatest blessing in my life.

Hmmm... on the second thought, I don't think Erick knows
me that well. He thought that I was an INTJ type while F
really is my strongest trait. So much for understanding...

Salsa dancing is so sexy... Catched a bit of Salsa dance
yesterday at YMCA... wow! HOT!!! And of course, there was
the Brazilian energy I felt when I heard the companion
song. Maybe one day I'll pick up dancing.

Busy week ahead. Need a little miracle here.

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