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the renie story
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2005-01-23 03:46:06 (UTC)

The Renie Story II - I

Irene, Becca, and Maddie were skiing at Sugarbush. They
were having a delightful time. Becca was wearing blue,
Irene was wearing green, and Maddie was wearing red, so it
was easy for the three girls to idenitfy each other.
Zooming down the double black Stein's Run, they screamed
with delight.

Suddenly, Irene skied over a patch of ice and began to
slide. Screaming for real now, she slid faster and faster,
and landed with a sickening crash into another skier.

Irene groaned and clutched her ribs. The other skier sat
up, rubbing his knees.

'I'm really sorry,' Irene began to apologize.

'It's okay,' she was assured. 'No harm done.'

Irene blinked. The voice sounded...oddly familiar. Lower
than she remembered, but still...

'Steven?' she said hesitantingly.

'Yes, that's me,' he replied. And then he paused. His
breathing got heavier and slower. 'Can it...Irene?'


'O Irene! I have missed you so very much!' cried Steven.
He gave a little gasp of joy.

'Er...great seeing you. Bye!' Irene attempted to untangle
herself from the pile of skis and legs.

'Don't go, Irene! We have so much to catch up upon!' cried
Steven. 'For instance, the 12748 more digits of pi I've
memorized, and...our relationship.'

Irene skied off in terror.

At the bottom she met Maddie and Becca.

'You took quite a fall. Must have been scary.'

'More scary than you'd think...'

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