jenn parr
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2005-01-23 02:55:59 (UTC)

Owen's birthday

Today was Owen's birthday party. I cant believe my baby is 5yrs
old already! He wanted to go to chuck e cheese for his party. So
after printing out and giving all the kids in his pre school class, only
1 showed up today. I was dissapointed. Mom brought all the kids,
so there were 8 kids there including Owen and Tristun. But the
stupid place cost me $100 for 3 pizza's and 8 drinks with 200
tokens. I about fell over dead at the price. But mom chipped in
$20 which was nice of her to do.

Owen got a spiderman punching bag, 2 puzzels and a spiderman
digi-draw from Daniel and I. His friend from school Carrie that
came got him a spiderman plate/bowl/cup set. And another friend
of his from school that couldnt come gave him a military man set
with an action figure and truck. Mom said she was going to take
him to pick out his own present soon, and Daniels parents gave
him his birthday present when they were here for Christmas,
(clothes and spiderman shoes) although they told us that they
bought him more clothes and will send them soon.

Overall it was a great day. Lots of fun. Even though I was
dissapointed at the parents from Owens school promising to come,
and not showing up, it was still a good day with several people
there. At least it wasnt just us and the kids.

Tristuns birthday is in the summer, so we will of course have it at a
park with a possible bounce house or bbq or something. Easier
when its in warm weather vs winter birthdays. Although I think next
year for Owens birthday we will have it at the house or the skating

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