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2005-01-23 02:08:29 (UTC)

Changed Plans

When John came home from work last night we made a quick
decision to do our shopping/errands trip right then instead
of waiting until today. We had very little shopping to do
and only a few errands so we were home in just a couple of
hours. This meant that we had a rare Saturday at home.

I spent most of this afternoon working on the caroling boys
block for the Snowbound quilt. I'm appliquéing four little
boys and when John saw it he said "You know, you're never
going to get them to wear those silly caps." Oh, but that's
the beauty of quilts! I can have them wear whatever I like!
This block is one of the larger ones with trees, a
village, a church, a moon and stars and so far all I have
done are the four boys. Still, I did manage to make quite a
few blocks this week--a white snow rabbit, pieced and
appliqued stars, some pieced log cabin blocks-- and I think
in a week or two I'll be ready to start assembling it all
into a quilt top.
There had been some discussion at work a couple of weeks ago
to send John to Minnesota for a computer training class they
want him to take. It had been scheduled for this past week
but the class was already full so they cancelled his going.
That's good because he would have been trying to fly home
today from Minnesota and from the little I've seen on the
news the weather is pretty bad back East. Our weather here
is still mild and I'm enjoying every minute of it!