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2005-01-22 22:33:11 (UTC)

Snow Surrender

So, we've succumbed to surrendering ourselves to the lovely
snow storm that has covered the eastern coast. Gives me
time to think and breathe in slow motion.

Moved into a bigger room today. It kicks ass. Got my own
bathroom with a shower. Got a recliner for guests. Just
pretty impressed with it, really.

The Presidential Inauguration is a sham. Bush spent 40
million dollars on his parties, all for "good" reason, of
course. A few of which were headlined with some polluted
special guests like Jo-Jo and Hillary Duff, who took to the
stage. Giving Bush a little bit of lee-way that he may have
been "drunk" at his parties, he told Hillary Duff that she
"rocked." She was flattered by the compliment. Jo-Jo also
said she was 100% behind our president, even though she was
unable to vote this year. But, even though she is unable to
vote, she still is heavily into politcs, she claims. How
cute. But what could be better than a party headlined with
Jo-Jo and Hillary Duff? Lets all thank God we aren't



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