Tell-Tale Horrors Of An Insignificant
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2005-01-22 20:42:20 (UTC)

it's a bit nipply out there..

seriously, it's fucking cold. poor lari (my car). she
doesn't perform too well under bad weather. well, i had to
wake up at the crack of dawn and go to work and i just now
got off. michele came in and cashed her check and said she
was going to morganton with william and some other guy. i
was kinda sad b/c i kinda wanted to get out and do
something but instead i'm stuck in this hellhole. it's not
that bad but you know. i know it wasn't here place to
invite me so i'm not pissed off or anything. i came home
and no one was here to greet me except my grossly
overweight dog. at least somebody loves me. so michele is
at the movies. and i don't know where in the hell my mom
is. i have a hunch that she's with dj but can't be sure.
jesus..someone could have whacked my family and i would
never know....they could be hiding me in my closet and
kidnapp me while i watch them kill my tubby dog. then
they'll throw me off of blowing rock mountain.
ummm..okay...maybe not. i'm gonna get off here and do
something...perhaps i shall plan an escape plan in case the
worst arises. lol jk...or am i?

mood: paranoid *looks around nervously*
music: i think i just heard something...

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