Silk Masks
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2005-01-22 20:12:34 (UTC)


When I was at the concert on thursday, near the end, my mind
wandered. I was trying to think of what i want to do with my
life. Outside of nanaimo. outside of my small teenage world.
And one thing i have found i love as much as astronomy, is
traveling. But not just seeing new places, but returning to
them. It's really comfortable that way, like returning to
another home.

Then the thought was lost. It just ran away. I couldn't
remember it. My eyes were focusing on the green velvet
fabric on the inside of Ken hamm's guitar case. It was gone.

You know the feeling when your looking for the thought that
you lost, and you can just feel your grasp on it loosening
until you give up. Well this time i didn't! i kept searching
past the point of no return, and guess what? it came. That
got me really curious because that never happened before. I
had never tried that long before. but really it has nothing
to do with trying

I brought this up later with my mom and she explained to me
how memory works. My father used to research it and she
passed on some information to me.

Many people say that we only use 10% of our mind. BullShite.
When you try to remember something, a message goes off in
search of what your trying to find. Even without being aware
of it, or thinking of something else, your mind keeps
searching. We seem to only be conscious of 10% of our mind,
but our subconcious does so much.

It may take minutes or hours to find what your looking for.
Have you ever seen someone whose name you can't remember,
then you wake up in the middle of the night and it comes to
you? It was found. Your mind searched while you sleep, ate
and talked. Do you ever wonder what else it does for you
that no one has told you?

i'll leave it at that for the moment. Personally i find it

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