to all thats listening
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2005-01-22 19:14:29 (UTC)


Well last night was not too bad i suppose.... Greg hurt
his back and so i called him and he said he would call me
back but that never happened.. so i talked
to jeremy all night which was funny as hell he was soo
drunk and he was on his webcam so i was watching everyone
walking in and out of his room, well there they all
decided to play bowling in his hallway.. Hather called me
that was really cool she was going to come over but then
Aunt Cheryll told her they were going to have a snow storm
and we did too.. man theres ALOT of snow out there..well
back to last night.. like i said hather called then i told
her i would call her back cuz i had to run to a few places
with Ciji(brothers girlfriend) well we did that and we
came back and my brother (steve) got a uhaul and moved all
of his stuff in last night.. and i helped him bring it
in.. it was soo fucking cold last night i froze bringing
in his things.. well anyways that got done.. and so
basically the whole night i talked to jeremy which i
always enjoy..