Silk Masks
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2005-01-22 19:08:33 (UTC)

Home and Cars

Friday- I stayed home! I was fine to go to school but my
mother wasn't and she had things needed to be done, So i had
no way to get there. I gave in, it took me awhile, but I
gave in to sleeping in.
At ten I was rushed out of bed with messy ahir and glases to
go look at cars. We've now bought a new Echo Hatchback to
replace our rusting Toyota Camri (on the way to Toyota a
piece of metal even fell off). The Camri is a great vehicle,
it had a new battery, a new radiator, fantastic wheels and
other news stuff. But we couldn't repair the outside so they
only gave us 950 for it even though it just had thousand
dollars in repairs =(
So tomorrow we are going to pick up our first brand new car,
with the whole spankin package! it's Absolute Red, which
made me wince at first, but I'm not paying for the car so my
imput isn't really important. At 3'oclock we finally got
home so I could the bathe!

Stuff happened, we went to my dads. Played a 40 year old
trivia pursuit. One of the science questions was "What is
observed on the second sunday of mar?" the answer was:
mothers day. What does that have to do with science?!? and
well i'm at it what does vodka have to do with sports?

Later i got a fortune cookie with 2 fortunes! =O

"You display the wonderful traits of charm and courtesy."

"You will be awared some great honor."

... meh