2005-01-22 18:44:10 (UTC)

those damn britts.....

january 22
i must say i have the best brittish accent ever...adam baybutt wud be
proud. I am such an idiot when it comes to the accent tho...i say things
like"gooday mate" or "YAA" or "just a wee bit" but i must say i am still
i most definatly had fun watching anchorman with those damn village
kids last night (i no i am a dork i saw it for the first time last night)
and i must tell u that while u r reading this....U HAVE A MASSIVE
ERECTION. and it was even more fun when the synchro team kept
calling me~i love you guys.

All coralinas, mah lil sis, saidie, carter (not the village one)denise, and
yes even ellen......... I MISS YOU!!

i am hanging out with those damn village kids minus busty plus sumone
else and hopefully colleen for the third night in a row tonight.....YAY!

i must say i love talking to ppl whe im in the shower...or the bath....i no
im a dork...it makes very interesting conversations...

speaking of talking on the phone..i had fun talking to another
telemarketer today.....he called about sum new phone service and i
asked him for "help" cuz i "broke up" with my "Boyfreind' it was fun cuz
i faked cried on the phone and the guy was like....uhh i gotta go....... i
am weird yet so cool.

elena and her mom ~my heroes

coalinas~ luv u!

matty~ ur are the most amazing mo fo ever!

16 days till my b-day!
~rachel/rae/dub/synchro/woods/22 -- dont u love my names??