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2005-01-22 17:51:46 (UTC)

January 21

Today was a very slow day at work. Everyone was out way
to late last night and came in late this morning to work.
I was one of the first people there! Pretty much all day
I spent working on my paper for class back in Manhattan.
I did put some packets together for my boss. The new Sec
of Ag was sworn into office this afternoon. That was
kinda cool to be there for it. However, it was a private
thing so I was not able to attend. The secret service was
all over the place. So at least for the next week or so
security will be very tight. I came home and we had a
special dinner at the house to welcome all the new people
living here this time of year. They served Thai food
(which was alright) but I was still hungry and made my way
to McDonalds!