void deck
2005-01-22 16:56:07 (UTC)

confirmed (almost)

It has been sometime since I write anything in this diary.
Must be because life has been quite good lately. Must be
because of the weather. Or maybe I am just lazy and have
nothing to write about.

Last week the weather, especially at night was so cool...
I must say it affected my mood a lot and I actually felt
peaceful and happy. Too bad the weather is not so fine
anymore these past few days.

I roughly can see how my days during this semester will
be. Monday night I will be going to Muhammadiyah Welfare
Home, Tuesday to SCS Clementi for Befriending, Wednesday
to Hillview for tuition, Thursday to Bridge Club and by
Friday night I will be totally exhausted as I have 4
tutorial and two 2-hour lectures during the day. I really
hope this semester will be much better than the previous

I went for Marlin's housewarming this afternoon... It was
pretty fun, met a lot of indo freshies from NTU. It's
heart-warming to see how spontaneous they were... like a
time-warp and I was suddenly back in IPEKA. Then I went
with Linsey to Orchard... met Askar there(just for dinner
though). Well... what should I say, I am speechless when I
talked to Askar. Not because I had nothing to say but just
because everytime I said anything, it would come out
really sarcastic. So yup... silence is golden when it
comes to him.

Well, yesterday I had a painful revelation... My guess,
well more like suspicion about Erick liking Selina was
almost confirmed. For the first time, I told Kresna about
this suspicion I had some time ago and he said that he
actually thought so too... If Kresna also thought so...
then it is probably true... Then of course there are all
those things he did for her, him saying that she
understands him, they being so perfect for each other, and
of course the new folder in his music file...
inside 'Under Construction' there is this folder
named 'Unrequited Love'. How many more clues can I ask
for? I felt so sad, and still feeling so... my heart
really aches so much... However, it is really nobody's
fault. It's just not meant to be. If my suspicion is true,
then he must have felt more hurted than me... imagine
having to give up your room for the girl you loved and his
boyfriend for the night. He is actually a strong person,

Love is really an amazing thing... it can bring you all
the way up to the moon... it can bring you all the way
down to the deepest valley...