Living Out Loud
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2005-01-22 16:11:20 (UTC)

bass party

So last night the basses came over for a little party. I
was kinda nervous -- it's the first party I've thrown in
college. Well. Sort of. I organized the first pregame for
the first band dance, but that wasn't held at my room.
Anyway, it was pretty fun. My RA was out all night, so Izzy
and I went and got a LOT of alcohol (we went to three
different stores). Then the basses came over and we put on
Super Troopers, but nobody watched it. We just talked the
whole time. It was Izzy, Scott, Rocco, Joe, Mac, Tom, me,
and Stever, who used to be a drummer. We did bass shots and
drank white russians and other mixers. Izzy was a great
bartender. ;)
So I'm pretty sure Steve has a crush on me. He was flirting
with me all night, which I first took to be just that he
doesn't know anybody else there and didn't have anyone else
to talk to. and then I took it to just be the way he is --
he's always a flirt. but then he stole my underwear. he
went through my drawer and took out some of my underwear
and wouldn't give it back. he promised to give it back if i
go over to his dorm tonight, which i now have to do, but i
don't know what to do about him. he's a sweet guy, and cute
(sometimes) but I can't date him. that would really hurt
bob. they really don't like each other. and i don't really
want a boyfriend right now. i don't want to be stuck to
just one person. i'm happy being free.
speaking of which, i broke up with bob on wednesday. god,
that took a lot of guts. it was so nerve wracking. so we
went to steak and shake, just to get a shake and talk and
we were having really good conversationa nd laughitng hte
whole way there. and then we get there and we do that
stupid thing where we don't know what to say so we stare at
our surroundings. and we had been talking about the drama
in my life (his life is relatively boring). and so i was
like, well, speaking of drama, i wanted to talk to you.
blah blah blah, i don't think we're good as boyfriend and
girlfriend. silence. then, he took it really well, he was
just like, "well, if that's how you feel..." and then when
i dropped him off, he was just like, "so are we still
friends?" and i was like YES.
i'm really glad it went well. i was so nervous. so then, on
the way back from that, i called Jeff. yes, make out guy
from last friday. and i asked him to the all school formal.
and he said yes, and then went back to watching TV, which
was cool. so that was the last time i talked to them. maybe
i'll see him when i'm over at his dorm tonight, getting my
thong back from steve. arg...
but hey, it's almost time for brunch with the girls, so i
must be going... more updates as they happen...