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2005-01-22 11:21:36 (UTC)

reflections of the week

one word to describe this week: productive. feel like i
have got a lot done this week. have gone out a lot with
friends. knew quite a few new connections. we will see
what happens *wink*

still reminising the time that i had the photoshoot on tue
and it was pretty fun. hopefully the pix would turn out
good. stephen went by at the end of the shoot and even
though i knew he just came to see me i still felt
supported. thx~
went to drink with his buddies at night and hearing them
changing lyrics in front of everyone was awfully funny. i
had fun singing though~

went to chinese dr on wed afternoon and got yelled for
almost half an hour. heheehe btw i am still "enjoying" my
chinese herbs. 4 more doses to go woo-hoo!

well as for tonight (friday night), didnt really have some
good experience coz of two friends ditched dinner and it
made the whole situation bad.... there was supposed to be
a long bs but i decided not to talk about it.... not that
i don wanna talk about it but from now on i know how to
handle sum bad situations......... ppl have been saying
that i have been being tooooo nice and people take
advantage of me so i need to act tougher from now on.... =)

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