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2005-01-22 11:18:05 (UTC)

Once upon a time ...

there was this girl. no matter what she did, she felt that
she was a mouse on a wheel repeating the same thing day in
day out and getting absolutely nowhere.
one day she had a realisation. this realisation was not
something she did not know, but something she never really
truly understood till that day.
she realised that the one thing that was missing that would
allow her to break free was a parter. someone she could
share her life with. be happy with, cry with and feel the
true meaning of life.
however, along with this realisation came another one. she
realised she was extremely scared of committment.
she wondered will she ever meet her prince? her knight in
shining armour? or will she be destined to live alone while
her fear sits back with a bottle of jack and a cigar
laughing at her?

time will only tell ...

Music: 80s .. mainly peter cetera & chicago

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