This One Is Mine!
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2005-01-22 04:37:11 (UTC)

Long ass time...

Whats up? Been a long time since I wrote ay?! Anyways
yea, I guess things are as good as they are going to get
for a while. I have a huge crush... sweetness. Dont talk
to my dad anymore. I have a friend living with me now.
My crush is adorable... mohawk and all! YUMMY! Mohawks
are my weakness... hes such a cutie.
My dad, dont reall give a shit... if he dont want to be
around then I dont want him around....Asshole! I hate
deadbeat dads.
One of my good friends is staying with me right now.
Shes a doll!
Anyways.. I had better go... got some shit to take care
*Go Go Power Rangers*