My Aphrodisiac
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2005-01-22 00:16:16 (UTC)

That's my boo...

So, last night Fred's bestfriend sang at this lil' jazz
club or whatever. So, me and Nita went. We rolled out cuz
we skipped out on the bill. (Nita the only one who had
somethin'to pay for). Anyways, Fred got mad cuz I didn't
say bye or meet his bestfriend. He really cares. That's
my boo. We cool now though. But he was fa' real mad. I
had to tell him why I rolled out fa' real. At first I was
just tellin' him that it wasn't my fault. But he thought I
was makin' excuses. Blah...blah. But he said she was
shaddy and shyt. lol. But yea, he really wanted me to meet
his bestfriend. He always be talkin' bout him and stuff.
Kindda looks up to him. He's older. Now, his bestfriend
isn't the cutest. I must admit. Maybe it was cuz he had
all that shyt on his face. Hair that is. Then he had on
like 4 layers of clothes, a beenie, and some Musiq
glasses. lol...while he was performing he was peelin' them
layers off though. He got a nice physique though. That's
for damn sure. Ok. So, it's been like over 4 months since
I had some. I'm ready to put it on that nigga now. Like
somethin' severe!!! All that bullshyt to the side. "She
said Oooooh Oooooh, I'm ready to ride!" Fa' real. Freddie
B. ain't even ready for me. Ha! Anyways, I just hope me
and him are the real deal. It feels real. More so than
ever before. It reminds me of India Arie's "Beautiful
Surprise". Like, is we written in the stars? Anyways,
semester done started again. I'm taking 18 hours. Am I
crazy? No...I'm just tryin' to get the hell outta here!
Fa' real. But uh....I'll write a lil' latre. Peace.

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