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2005-01-21 23:17:45 (UTC)

december 8 2004

today we went to church cuz its a holy day of obligation or
so.. ugh my friend called nd told me what she got me for
christmas nd its sad nd then she told me what she wanted nd
im like wtf she wants victoria secreat spray $9 nd then
powder $4 nd then eyeliner duet $1-2 nd then mascara $2-3
nd then revlon color stay $1-2 or w/e yeah nd she told me
what she got me.. a candle wtf!!! i hate her shes such a
sleze bag ugh... ne who today i oficially started studying
for exams so yeah i have till monday:
nd then i have finals lol well these r mid terms but i will
have finals in may or so.. so i gotta do well on these ugh
im failing math so my mom is paying my sister or giving her
an insentive to help me study for my exam its not fair we
dont learn anything in math seriously all of us go to our
old teacher that we love because we cant understand this
one i mean she is totally fat and its hard to conscitrate
when someone is like 300 lbs nd block the board or w/e i
mean she doesnt even teach she says she does but she doesnt
she will give us homework nd then go over the section the
next day i mean schouldnt u learn the lession before
doin "homework" on it? i mean who does that? and her excuse
is always "you schould already know this" or "why dont you
alrady know this" and its like because whore you didnt
teach us! nd its like ugh i hate you lol alex plays
peekaboo cuz he disapears in math because she stands in
front of him nd u cant even see his desk when she does hehe
lol he like bends his head all the way back haha nd its
like "hey wheres alex at" nd he'll be all like gone nd shyt
lol hehe... im so tired nd i havent seen smallvile in like
a week so im sad lol yeah only like 15 or so days till
christmas! lol so thats good we get out the 17th nd its the
8th so hey only 9 more days or so left... goodie goodie..
this schould be a good christmas i believe ugh i hope my
mom gets better soon because its sad nd i love her so much
and that would be an awsome christmas gift for her to get
better! omg the teacher i hate that is my math teacher she
is like friends with the ppl my mom was sueing or something
nd she knows my moms on workers comp nd i was like dont ur
husbend work at big lots nd shes all like no... hes
desabled haha he is on workers comp nd she was like mean to
my mom haha omg well i have to go its 10:00 ttyl
hope to write soon,
xoxo serena

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