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2005-01-21 23:17:16 (UTC)

december 7 2004

today i had a felid trip lol ugh so gay ajs like im sitting
next to u serena (on the bus) nd im like fine w/e nd brandy
pulled me down nd im like wtf nd she is so gay she like
leans on you ugh so gross nd then im like fine aj ill sit
with you on the way back so we go to this play thing omg
these whores r all like all over him nd then hes like yeah
i like her nd he pointed nd i was like embaresd ish omg nd
then they were making fun of me b/c he did like me nd he
didnt like them or w/e nd then he moved nd then these gay
guys were all like u made my pee pee go wee wee? idk nd
then they were like meet me in the bathroom so obviously
they were gay lol idk yeah nd then we got back on the bus
nd i was trying to save seats for all my freinds nd ajs
like sit nd im like no i g2g sit with her nd john will sit
here so hes like fine nd mary come up out no where nd sits
in my seat im like wtf? like i was standing like in front
of it nd she came outa kno where from behind me nd sat
down! i was so mad nd then brandy made me switch her nd i
was like fine... so me nd aj talked the rest of the time
lol so much fun ... wahoo i slept all day lol yeah im tired
nd its hot the windows r open nd no air on! ughhh its gross
g2g ttyl
hope to write soon,

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