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2005-01-21 23:15:56 (UTC)

december 2 2004

omg omg omg i so much has been going on lately! lol wow the
29th was my moms b-day lol awh yay happy birthday! and umm
wut else oh yeah today i found out that my grades were
awsome but... (theres always a but) my conduct (which i
have no clue how) is low! omg i was so disapointed in my
self and well ive had so much fun getting all happy about
volleyball nd shyt nd now i cant even try out cuz my fvcked
up teacher! awh that sux ne who i have had so many tests
latly thats why i havnt up dated humm yeah nd... tomarow is
my cuzses (both well 2) of ems "suprise" birthday party lol
yya i cant wait its on friday! tomarow or w/e the 3rd! nd
its at 5! yay im sooooooooosoososososososos happy they said
bring ur batheing suit! lol yay nd then that um shaving
cream fights! wow can i not wait.. damn exams in like a
week nd then were off of school from the 17th to the 2! lol
yessss lol awh this christmas i cant think of ne thing else
i want but a laptop! ugh ne who my moms cheeck is comming
in the mail from court omg im so happy for her!!
yeahhheeyyyyyy lol im so happy now we get a new car nd
we "mite" move lol hheeh im so happy ugh i hope i get outa
my school! so much seriously its so gay! u get detention if
ur shoes are untied or if they rnt tied properly in the
front or if they rnt completely white lol (thats just
shoes) lol now socks... cant be short or ne thing they have
to be high nd then working upward... shirtws have to be
long (waste) nd all the way to ur knee! ugh lol nd then
shorts tucket in allllll the way not bloused out at all! nd
then no dangling earings umm only stud only 1 earling in
each ear no body peircing oh yeah we have uniforms lol all
the same ugh plad skirts nd green colard shirts ok nd then
the face... no make up of ne sort no nothing and then hair
no long hair um no highlights no die and guys hair cant be
longer then their neck um cant be unpresentable um what
else did i forget lol idk thats some of the rules oh yeahhh
pe class u have a uniform no cheer shorts aloud um oh yeah
no hairbands on hands no rings no braclets umm for dress
down day no shorts no skirts no tight pants no tight shirts
no lose shirts no open toe or healed shoes no sandles no
dress shoes umm 2 inch sleaves um and thats it i think...
humm now does that sound like a shcool... or a prisen????
now if i go to public schools.... umm humm they used to
have the hand rule and no flip flops nd that was all... but
now, u can wear flip flops and well only rule for shorts in
well cant have ur butt cheecks hanging out nd shirts cant
be seethrough... thats alll!!! omg now i wish i didnt go
here! lol hehe oh well now i gg!
ttyl, hope to write soon,

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